Highland's Commitment

From purchasing raw materials to delivering our finished products, we consider the environmental impact of our products and processes. We are continuously seeking new ways to reduce the energy consumption, emission, and waste during manufacturing and shipment. Every member of the Highland Team is focused on environmental, health and safety performance. It is an important part of how we do business.


Energy Management

We are actively focused on the reduction of our energy footprint internally and externally. Our newly developed extrusion technology uses 25% less energy per pound of output compared to “traditional” extrusion technology. Our site practices include energy efficient lighting, heating conservation, air conditioning and ventilation efficiencies. Highland strives to produce and transport its products with as minimal investment in energy usage as possible. We are strategically located in the heart of our primary markets.


Utilizing Recycled Material

Highland facilities have made significant progress in reducing the solid waste going to landfills, while increasing materials that are recycled. We currently run a minimum of 70% recycled content on our extruded products. For every pound of recycled PET flake used, energy use is reduced by 84% and greenhouse gas emissions by 71% as compared to virgin material. We are committed to exploring the use of alternative resources that can be used to supply highly functional and useful products. Our efforts include reviewing product functionality versus design for such opportunities to reduce material usage and to use recycled material, including post-consumer material, in our products where appropriate.


For a Brighter Tomorrow

We are committed to reducing the solid waste in our operations. We recycle 90% of our plastic manufacturing process scrap directly into our products and recycle aluminum, corrugated, scrap metals and remaining plastic scrap through suppliers and recycling services. We are a leader in our commitment to recycling materials throughout production processes and in the use of recycled materials in manufacturing. It is our responsibility to our planet and our future generations.

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