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Highland’s in-house graphic design & print production teams can take your label from concept to reality, seamlessly. Our skilled and knowledgeable designers help guide our customers through food labeling guidelines, organic labeling requirements, Canadian labeling regulations and barcode standards. We offer an extensive stock die catalog and ability to design custom die shapes means the sky’s the limit for creative possibilities. You imagine it, we can make happen.

Some of our Custom Labels

Label Portfolio

River's Avocados | Avocado Labels View Larger
NestFresh | Egg Labels View Larger
Well Pict | Raspberry Labels View Larger
Jersey Fresh | Blackberry Labels View Larger
Naturipe | Blueberry Labels View Larger
Sweet Life Farms | Strawberry Labels View Larger
Driscoll's | Blueberry Labels View Larger
Fresh Selections | Grape Tomato Labels View Larger
Astin Farms | Double-Sided Strawberry Labels View Larger

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