Our Research & Development Team works together with customers, sales and manufacturing to develop new and innovative processes in packaging. Customers who are looking for specific packaging or have custom packaging ideas, can meet with our Research & Development Team to develop their ideas into functional prototypes. Our R&D Team consists of design and manufacturing engineers who have extensive knowledge in plastic extrusion and thermoforming industry. The Team can research, design, and develop fully functional prototypes within small time frames with 3D printing and prototype thermoforming capabilities. Other manufacturers will typically take at least six weeks to develop and build a prototype, but with our R&D equipment localized in house, we are able to design and develop prototypes within a week of the original discussion.


Quality Thermoformed packaging begins with high quality "sheet". Highland uses a patented large barrel extrusion capacity and filtration systems technology complete with on-line thickness control systems. All of Highland extrusion capacity is capable of processing 100% recycled material. Computer monitoring ensures conformance to exacting standards and process controls. Highland's material handling systems have the ability to process a variety of PET blends.


Highland Manufacturing is committed to making cost effective, high quality packaging by manufacturing and designing large volume products using PET material. Highland's state-of-the-art thermoformers provide high output and high tonnage with fast, powerful and precise servo drives whose rotary action creates more power than conventional straight-action hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Our advanced thermoformers are controlled through the latest Process Control Systems, which provide machine and motion control as well as precise and consistent repeatability and continuous diagnostics. Highland incorporates interchangeable tooling systems and quick-change technology to provide our customers with product when they need it. Custom labeling to customer specifications is also available.