Wesley Collins is an early example of the great American farmer. Steve Maxwell, president of Highland Packaging Solutions, followed his grandfather Collins through the fields of Georgia as a child.

He watched as his grandfather worked tirelessly to get his product to the marketplace, properly graded and hoping for the best possible price. Over time he recognized the challenges farmers face with post harvest quality, handling, and the marketing of their product. Realizing a need and opportunity for innovative packaging solutions to help farmers overcome these challenges, he dedicated himself to build a company that is committed to the success of the farmer.

From humble beginnings, Highland Packaging Solutions has grown as a service oriented business into a leading packaging and label source for produce. We offer a full-service packaging solution. We specialize in "just-in-time" deliveries with the ability to label over 3 million clamshells per day using 16 high speed label applicators. With our state-of-the-art technology, we can track shipments of clamshells and other packing materials from manufacturing to your dock.